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Who Uses Property Management Companies?
Do you own multiple properties that you rent out to tenants? Is it hard for you to keep up with? Using property management companies for your building is going to do you a world of good. Yes, it can be scary not being involved with your every-day business but when it is put in the right hands you are going to be happy you hired them. [...]

Why You Need Intellectual Property Management
Most companies have some sort of intangible asset they own - whether it is a trademark, patent, copyright or rights of some sort to creations of the mind that they need for their business. Much like any other asset, they need to be managed and cared for. Intellectual property management is a vital part of your business, to ensure all your IP is properly administered and guarded. There are several reasons why you need IP management. [...]

Commercial Real Estate Financing Trap
Securing Commercial Real Estate Financing can be tricky, you have a project to be developed but you need the financing to go forward. Most banks are skittish about investing in the Commercial Market these days, but for obvious reasons that seems like the most logical option, right? Not necessarily, banks have not been the major lenders in the Commercial Real Estate Financing game, even prior to the economic downturn. [...]

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