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Greatred.com provides real estate links and resources related to property listings, property management, commercial real estate, mortgage, foreclosure, apartment rental, commercial lender, international real estate, real estate agencies and more.
Real Estate Articles

4 Big Reasons Why you May Want to Buy Real Estate
"Although renting a home can give you plenty of freedom to travel and move frequently, most people eventually opt to buy property. Further, most financial advisors approve of real estate purchases as solid investments and good choices. [...]

Commercial Real Estate Lending
If you are interested in starting a small commercial real estate business then you should be aware of the commercial real estate lending options that are available to you. There are many different commercial lenders that offer a variety of different commercial real estate loans. Which commercial lender you visit will depend partially on the type of investment property you are considering acquiring. [...]

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Developer
Real estate investment and development has never been a more popular pastime or career changing challenge; if you would like to learn seven secrets for consistently successful real estate investing through development or you would like to know how you can continue to profit from property even if the market takes a downward turn just read on. [...]

Cheap Real Estate - Ten Reasons Why
Why is there cheap real estate? Is it just that some sellers don't know what their property is worth? Sometimes this is the case, but only rarely. More often a seller is willing to sell for less because it means selling faster or more easily. In other words, sellers will trade a little equity for a fast sale or peace of mind, as in the following situations. [...]

Getting Mortgages To Buy Overseas Real Estate
If you live in the US right now you may have noticed that the real estate market is a little sluggish (understatement!) and if you live in the UK right now you may have noticed that everyone seems to want to sell their home to realize the significant amounts of equity that they have accrued over the last ten years or so when the market was riding high. [...]

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